Blockchain, IP, and the Pharma Industry – How Distributed Ledger Technologies can help Secure the Pharma Supply Chain

January 14

In this article, Ruth Burstall and Birgit Clark of Baker McKenzie, London explore the various opportunities created by blockchain to enhance the supply chain control of pharmaceutical companies.  Blockchain cannot only help with monitoring a pharmaceutical product’s progress through various stages, from sourcing the raw materials to manufacturing and supply chain, but it can also help with meeting regulatory traceability requirements, such as those under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the United States and the EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU.  The article also discusses how blockchain technology can be used to monitor and control leaks from selective distribution networks, to detect parallel imports, and help to identify counterfeit goods.  This article was first published in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Oxford University Press 2018, Vol. 13, No. 7.

Birgit Clark is based in Baker Mckenzie'sLondon office, who is a Professional Support Lawyer (Intellectual Property, EMEA). She's originally qualified as Attorney-at-Law in Germany and subsequently also as UK solicitor and Chartered UK and European trade mark attorney. Having studied in Germany and the UK, she published her doctoral thesis in the field of intellectual property and privacy laws and has been specialising in trade marks, designs and related soft IP in the UK since 2006.