Thailand Warms to Digital Assets

Thailand has moved closer to being among one of the first jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region (and globally) to facilitate ICOs through targeted regulation. According to a member of the

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U.S. Court Applies Core Securities Principle to Cryptocurrency

On June 25 U.S. federal Chief Magistrate Judge Andrea Simonton issued a Report and Recommendation concluding that Centra Tokens, issued by tech startup Centra Tech, were investment contracts and therefore

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Lithuania Issues ICO guidelines

Lithuania becomes the latest jurisdiction to release guidance in relation to ICOs. On 8 June 2018, the Lithuanian Government released new Guidelines to deal with what it referred to as

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Cryptocurrency Regulation in the Crosshairs: SEC Staff Weighs In, But Is There More Than Meets the Eye?

In our article for Bloomberg Law, we discuss the legal questions arising out of the announcement by William Hinman (SEC Director of the Division of Corporate Finance) that ether and

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U.S. SEC Taking Additional Time to Determine Request to List Crypto-Related ETF

Last month we reported on an SEC decision to take additional time to consider whether to approve a request to

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U.S. Ethics Office Requires Executive Branch Employees to Disclose Crypto Holdings

Depending on which U.S. government  agency one looks to, cryptocurrencies can be a security (per the SEC), a commodity (per the

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Blockchain Legislation in Ukraine

In Ukraine, two draft laws which aim to set out the legal basis for blockchain/cryptocurrency businesses in Ukraine have been proposed.

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Fourth Major U.S. Bank Blocks Purchases of Cryptocurrency

On June 11 Wells Fargo became the latest major U.S. bank—with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup—to put in

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FCA Warns Banks On Cryptoassets In “Dear CEO” Letter

On 11 June, the UK’s financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), published a “Dear CEO letter” providing guidance

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U.S. SEC Chair Jay Clayton’s Mic Drop on Crypto-Assets and Whether the SEC Regulates Them: We Don’t Regulate Everything, But You Have to Do the Analysis

On June 6, U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton was interviewed on CNBC about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  He said, in effect,

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